Past-times of Lord Chaitanya

In Rudradvipa there is a village called Sankarapura, the glories of which Lord Nityänanda describes as follows, “From here you can see Sri Sankarapura on the bank of the Ganga. When Sankaracarya was busy conquering people in all directions, he came here in order to conquer Navadvipa. Internally he was a great Vaisnava but externally he was an advaita-vadi (follower of monism), the servant of maya. Sankaracarya was the partial expansion of Lord Rudra, who is very powerful, and was expert in spreading Bauddha philosophy in a hidden way. Lord Rudra was performing these activities by the order of the Lord and when he came to Nadia, Sri Gauracandra appeared to him in a dream. Being merciful upon Sankaracarya, the Lord spoke to him sweetly, ‘My dear servant, by My order alone, you are preaching mayavada philosophy very diligently, but this Navadvipa-dhama is very dear to Me and mayavada has no place here. Here Vriddha Siva, along with Praudha Maya, preaches about the speculated Ägama Puranas. They cheat those people who are inimical to My devotees. Everyone becomes My devotee here. There is no opportunity to preach this wicked philosophy in My dhäma. You had better go somewhere else and not trouble the inhabitants of Navadvipa.’ Thus Sankaracarya, being a great devotee at heart and understanding the Navadvipa-tattva through his dream, left for other countries.

by H.H Bhaktipurusottama Swami