DAMODARA Gives you elaborate  pastime of Dama Bandhana lila of Lord Krishna in Vrindavana. This book also includes some pastimes glorifying the Damodara month or Karttika-vrata as they are described in the Skanda Purana and Hari Bhakti Vilasa of Srila Sanatana Gosvami.146 pages, hard bound, black & white images, dust-jacket, Available in English, Hindi & Bengali, size – 7.48” X 9.84” weight per book – 0.628 gm
DEATH People are inattentive to the moment of death. That moment is the most unwanted moment of life. But in reality it is the most valuable moment of our lives, because it determines our future destination.309 pages, soft bound, black & white images, available in english, size – 8.143” X 6” weight per book – 0.361 gm
Sri Navadvipa Parikrama In this particular book it has been  published the translations of Sri Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya, Bhakti-ratnakar and Navadvipa bhav taranga. The information on how to reach the many temples and holy places has been adopted from “Sri Navadvipa Dhama and Jagannatha Puri – A Practical Guide” written by H. G. Jada Bharata Prabhu.234 pages, hard bound, numerous color photographs, dust-jacket, Available in english, Hindi & Bengali, size – 7.32” X 9.84” weight per book – 0.720 gm
Sri Ksetra Parikrama This Puri Parikrama book with information about many ancient temples and sites related to the pastimes of Sri Jagannath and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. In this book many pastimes of Mahaprabhu have been taken directly or adapted from Sri caitanya caritamrita and from many other books and devotees of Puri.248 pages, hard bound, numerous color photographs, dust-jacket, Available in English & Bengali, size – 7” x 9.5” weight per book – 0.350 gms
The Glories & Pastimes of Srimati Radharani We have prepared this collection of pastimes of Srimati Radharani as they have been described in different scriptures, and also explained by the Gosvamis of Vrindavan. Some of the pastimes are also collected from books about Vraja Mandala Parikama, where the stories told are not referenced in any sastra but have been explained by Vrajavasis or great sadhakas of Vraja.253 pages, Hardbound, dust-jacket, 12 color images, Available in English, Hindi, Bengali  &, Russian, size – 7’’ X 9.50’’ weight per book – 0.620 gm
SRI JAGANNATHA collections of  wonderful pastimes of lord of the universe Sri Jagannath in Sriksetra Puri Dhama.182 pages, hard bound, black & white images, Available in English, Bengali, Hindi & Oriya, size – 7″ x 9.5” weight per book – 0.510 gm
 mayaMāyā is a very difficult subject to understand. Even if someone understands it,that is still not enough to overcome māyā.Only by the causeless mercy of the Lord and His pure devotees can one overcome the influence of māyāI have  this book has been prepared by collecting information from Śrīla Prabhupāda’s books. It began with desire of the author to know more about māyā.In the course of his own research he thought it would be nice to gather the information I had found and to present it to the devotees in the form of this book.324 pages, soft bound, black & white images, available in English, size – 5″x 8” weight per book – 0.305 gm

  mayaThe Mystery of Ratha-Yatra : When people witness Sri Jagannath’s Ratha-Yatra or Festival of the Chariots they feel overjoyed to see something unique, even though they may not understand what the event is all about. They ,may wonder where and when this Ratha-Yatra first began and who are the brightly painted personalities placed on the chariots.

Although in general the answer to some of these questions are still a mystery, this book uncovers plenty of information gleaned from sacred Vedic scriptures, histories and local litterateurs.
 Who Am I ?  Even if someone is fortunate enough to ask this question, he or she rarely given a proper and correct answer. In my student life, our teacher used to ask, “Who are you?” and they would teach us that the answer should be “i am a student,” “I am Indian,” I am Oriya,” “I am Hindu,” and so on. These are not our real identities. What is your real identity? Who are you really? We identify ourselves with the body and things related to the body. But the question remains, are we really the body? ——– Available in English, size – 7.48” X 9.84” weight per book – 0.628 gm



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