Glories of Sri Navadvipa Dham

The following is a description of Navadvipa- dhama from Sri Navadvipa-bhavataranga by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura.

Navadvipa, which is the crest-jewel of all holy abodes, which is the sporting-ground of the sandhini potency, which measures sixteen kroças in circumference, which is manifest in nine islands, where the cit and änanda potencies reside, and which is the sanctuary of all holy places, demigods, sages and scriptures—may the dhama of Sri Navadvipa become visible to my eyes.

May my eyes behold the sixteen krosas of Vrindävana (within the circle of Mathurä-mandala) as identical to Navadvipa (within the circle of Gaura-mandala). These dhamas are but two manifestations of one principle that is infinitely beginningless and purely spiritual, and which, only for reasons of differing pastimes of the Lord, has taken the form of two immaculate abodes. By His inconceivable potency acintya-sakti, which is infinite and spiritual, the Lord has brought these two dhamas into the material world in order to liberate the living entities dwelling there. By the power of the mercy of Sri Krishna, may the souls bound in matter someday see these abodes of Vrindavana and Navadvipa. Only by acquiring proper qualifications can all the senses of the living entities taste the spiritually variegated nectar of these holy dhamas. Since unqualified material senses are incapable of tasting this sweet nectar, those so unfortunately endowed scornfully deride these places again and again as being insignificant locations made only of dull matter. The basis of qualification is the mercy of Krishna Himself and the mercy of His devotees. Out of compassion for the living entities, the sädhus bestow this transcendental qualification unto other devotees by their own association. One cannot attain this by following the paths of jnana (transcendental knowledge), karma (fruitive activities) or yoga (mystic exercises). Only by means of sraddhä (devotional faith), while strictly keeping the association of the saintly devotees of the Lord, can one be victorious over matter. The very moment that the living entity gives up the entangling network of material illusions related to the senses, the eyes of the soul will behold the splendor of the spiritual dhama. Aha! Oh, when will I attain that state? When will I see Sri Navadvipa-dhäma, so far beyond the mirage of mundane existence? Resembling an eight-petalled lotus in shape, this abode is immaculately pure. It is so cooling that it defeats the illumination of millions of moons. It is so brilliant that it defeats the effulgence of millions of suns. Sometimes that dhama will appear before my eyes.

By H.H Bhakitipurusottama Swami