Lord Damodara

This pastime took place during the month of Karttika, also known as the Damodara month. The day was Dipavali amavasyaday, just before the day of Govardhana-puja. Of course, at that time Govardhana-puja had not yet been introduced. The Vraja-vasiswere holding a big festival to worship Indradeva. Everyone, including all the servants of the house, was … Read more

Appearance of Navadwip

The holy dhama descends with Sri Krishna, His associates and paraphernalia. SriMayapur-dhama, however, was Srimati Radharani’s own creation, to lure Krishna away from another lover. In the Ananta-samhita, Lord Siva explains to Parvati why Srimati Radharani created the merciful Sri dhama Mayapur. Lord Siva told Parvati, “As a bee plays in a lotus, Krishna was … Read more