Ekachakra is the birthplace of Lord Nityananda.  Here you can visit various sites of His childhood pastimes.
Garbhavas (Sootika Mandir):  The exact spot where Lord Nityananda appeared is located here. In the main altar of the Temple is a deity of Lord Nityananda. There is a deity of Mahaprabhu to His left and also a deity of Advaita Acarya to his right.

Sarva tirtha kund (Hantugada/Jahnu kund): Nityananda brought sacred waters from all (sarva) holy places (tirthas) to this kunda to save the local residents from traveling to the Ganges to take a sacred bath. Thus, taking bath here is very auspicious. It is named Hantugada as Nityananda Prabhu used to carry out the Dadhi-chida festival of giving chipped rice with yogurt prasadam here and He would take the prasadam kneeling down. At the centre of the pond is a submerged Temple.

Pandavatala: The Pandavas lived here with their mother, Kunti, when they were exiled to the forest. This area is bordered by several Keli-kadamba trees. At Pandava tala, there is a deity of Sri Sri Radha Krsna.

Bankim Raya Temple: On the altar of this temple is Lord Krishna as Bankima Raya, who was originally established by Lord Nityananda. It is said that Lord Nityananda left this planet by entering into this Deity.

Kadam Khandi: Kardam means clay and khandi means ghata.Kadam Khandi marks the spot where Lord Nityananda recovered the Bankima Raya Deity from the Yamuna river. There’s a small Temple here with Deities of Sri Gaur Nityananda, Krishna Balarama and Sadbhuja Gauranga.

ISKCON Temple: There’s also an ISKCON Temple at Ekachakra where you can view beautiful Gaur Nitai deities.

Kundalal tala: This is the place where Lord Nityananda used his earring to block a hole, thereby preventing a snake which lived in it from coming out and troubling the residents of this area.

Mouresvara Shiva Temple: This is an ancient Shiva temple where Sri Hadai Pandita (father of Nityananda prabhu) performed worship. On the appearance of Nityananda in Ekachakra, this deity roared and Advaita Acharya and other devotees could hear and understand the roar’s meaning at their residences in Mayapur and Santipur that an Avadhuta had appeared on Earth.

Nari pota: The umbilical cord of Nityananda prabhu was placed here by His parents Sriman Hadai pandita & Srimati Padmavati devi.

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