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BHAKTIVEDANTA GITA ACADEMY set up in ISKCON Sri Mayapur is in a budding state and has several sorts of activities, the central being conducting a Gita Correspondence Course in Bengali.

The course is divided in two Grades: Grade One and Grade Two.

We have Prospectus detailing Course Rules and other relevant information.

Besides, we have pamphlets, brochures etc.


 Course Implementation


v  Time-Schedule: Six plus one month.

v  Course Materials: A 400-page text book based on the teachings of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is with discourses and exercises.

v  Course Procedure

Ø  First we give ads in newspapers to get people enroll for the course. Recently we are having candidates through acquaintances—those who have already done the course. We often set a book table in the temple to get new candidates.

Ø  Willing candidates enroll themselves by sending M.O.(Money Order) through Post.

Ø  We send them course-materials by post or courier.

Ø  The Candidates began studying the books.

Ø  Question-papers are sent to the candidates.

Ø  Candidates send answer-scripts, which we review, evaluate and correctt their misconceptions. The evaluated answer-scripts are sent to them.

Ø  After three test exams we conduct a Final Exam through correspondence. The candidates have to secure 40 % to get through the exam.

v  Yearly Seminar

Ø  The successful students are invited in a yearly three-day Gita Seminar.

Ø  An Special Exam on the Gita is held here in Mayapur.

Ø  In the seminar all the successful candidates are given gifts and certificates.



We conduct the Grade Two course in a similar fashion as Grade One.


v  Time-Schedule: One year plus one month.

vCourse Materials:

A.      Main Texts:

1.      Bhagavad-Gita As It 

2.      Teachings of Queen Kunti

3.      Nectar of Instruction.

B.      Guide Books:

1.      Grade Two Gita Guide: Part One  (Ch-1st to 6th)

2.      Grade Two Gita Guide: Part Two  (Ch-7th to 12th)

3.      Grade Two Gita Guide: Part Three  (Ch-13th to 18th)


vCourse Procedure

As the candidates (we call them Sikharthies) successfully complete Grade One course and attend Seminar in Mayapur arranged by us, they are informed about the Grade Two Gita Study Course. They know through prospectus also. A portion of the candidates enroll themselves for this more profound course.

They do the course staying at home in the similar process as Grade One and complete the course after getting through a final exam by securing 40%.

v  Yearly Convocation

The successful candidates are invited to participate in the yearly seminar and Convocation, where they hear discourses on the Bhagavad-gita and receive gifts and certificates.


Upon completion of the Grade Two Course, the interested candidates now take admission in Srimad Bhagvatam Study Course.

Many are taking SB sets simply for doing the course. Book distribution in the most effortless manner!

Course Text is unabridged Srimad Bhagvatam by Srila Prabhupada.

Each Canto is divided into several sub-sections or Parts and several questionnaires or Papers

are made on each Paper.

This Course has a time Schedule, but there is provision for relaxing time-constraints to facilitate their study as it take years to do the course.

We hold a Bhagvad-Katha and Bhaktiyoga Training Seminar each year for those who have collected Bhagvatam or doing the Bhagvatam Study Course.


ABOUT-TO-COME: GITA STUDY COURSE IN ENGLISHPreparations for starting the Gita Study Course in English are near completion, under the inspiration and direction of B. P. Swami. Course Text for Grade One has been translated and the work of implementation is underway.




We also conduct yearly pilgrimages with our candidates. Hundreds of devotees participate in these yearly yatra to various Dhamas under the guidance of HH.B.P.Swami.

They are encouraged to become initiated devotees and they are responding.   

Publishing Helpful Books

We are publishing books from our Academy to counter atheistic propagandas and to establish the teachings of the Lord. One such book is Bijnan, Santana Dharma and Viswa Sbhyata which means Science, Santana Dharma and World Civilization. This 500-page book has been printed twice—-altogether 10,000 copies and are selling well, and receiving compliments from the scientific community. Forward is written by an existing professor of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. The work of bringing out its English version is in progress now.



We know it pretty well that situation in West Bengal is quite different from elsewhere in India. Here over 30 yrs of an atheistic Govt. and their blazoning of atheistic propagandas in various manners have very adversely influenced the people—particularly it has altered the mindset of the educated community, and a mood of faithlessness and apathy towards spiritualism has developed in youths and is getting stronger. ‘Science Clubs’ of Indian Scientists and Rationalists Association have cropped up in every district towns, their main agenda is to preach atheism, proclaiming that anything beyond materialism is unscientific, irrational and products of superstition. Even books have been published to vanish Sri Krishna, by claiming that He is none but a superman or merely a mythical figure. Educated people at present mostly regard Mahaprabhu’s teaching of the path of developing pure love to Krsna as merely freaks of sentimentalism. Accepting Vaishnavism is loathsome to almost all, because those who do it lose all social prestige and almost become estranged from the society. Even some so-called spiritual outfits also are very active to mislead people from the path of pure devotion to the Supreme Lord by preaching demigod-worship, impersonalism and upholding pseudo-incarnations.

Our main vision is to resist the trend, counter them rationally and scientifically as best as we can, in the ways and moods Srila Prabhupada inculcated us.

Our goal is to create a community of people who are disinfected of poison of materialism and impersonalism, devotionally motivated, inclined to do favors for ISKCON and are trained to refute non-devotional views. Gradually they are to be trained up to become full-fledged initiated devotees

Systematic teaching of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is to as many people as possible is a very effective way to do this, we have felt. For this, a well-worth spiritual academic institution is the only answer to the ravages made in society by the non-devotional organizations.

Involving them in a prestigious academy and well-fabricated study courses are very solid cures for the current ills, as people regard these to be contrary to sentimentalism and participation in these purely academic activities does not harm their social prestige, rather augments it. And we have got proofs of it; after implementation of the Study Course 12 yrs before and later on organizing the preaching under the head of Bhaktivedanta Academy, we have got hundreds of top-class professionals like scientists, professors, advocates and judges, doctorates, doctors (M.B.B.S) and common educated persons as well.

It is true that only course that they do from home cannot make them devotees—-they need association of devotees. That is why we have arranged to convene yearly seminar and Bhaktiyoga training camp where they come in Sri Dham, attend temple programs, take prasadam, hear discourses, associate with devotees.

Along with this we are trying to preach about the scientific basis of Krsna Consciousness in collaboration with some of the leading devotees of Bhaktivedanta Institute in Kolkata like Prof.
Dr. Sudipto Ghosh, IIT, Kharagpur. He wrote the forward for our Bengali Science and Spirituality book mentioned before.

We however feel the need of a separate dedicated building for the Academy.




Basudev Prasad Das

Scientist and Ex-Professor, Viswabharati, Santiniketan,



“Firstly I cherished a curiosity to know our scripture the Bhagavad-gita for years. An ad on newspaper caught my eyes and I took admission in the course. Truly I have been profited by doing the course. I have known much that was unknown to me, as a result of which my devotion to Lord Krishna has increased.”


Dr. Ramendra Ch. Chaudhuri, Ph.D

130/2, Purbchal, East Kodalia, New Barrackpore, N-24 Pgs, W.B.


“I have been fortunate to successfully complete Gita Course both Grade One and Grade Two. With your kind assistance I have got the essence of the fathomless ocean of Vedic knowledge. In my life I have read many scriptures, but I have never had the feelings and realizations that I got by studying the texts prescribed for the course. While reading I feel as if I am transferred to a whole new world. It has brought a unique flavor in my life.”


Biswanath Manda, student

Palta, North 24 Pgs, W.B.


“I have been able to study the words emanated from the lotus mouth of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna. I could only understand in my heart the Lord’s message by accomplishing the Gita Study Course. For this greatest welfare activity for people, I convey my heart-felt congratulations to the devotees who conduct the course.”


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