Bhaktivedanta International School

Sri Mayapur International School has always been known for its affiliation to Cambridge, its rigorous academics and an excellent standard of achievement by our students on Cambridge international exams.

Now, in addition to this, our students are receiving an equally rigorous spiritual education. SMIS has teamed up with Mayapur Institute and is launching the Bhakti-shastri course for students in grades 7 to 12. This course, which is compulsory for all students, is being taught by course and have been approved by MI for this purpose. The class is for one hour daily over a period of three years. This allows students to dive deeply into the nectar of the scriptures and at the same time to complete their work for other classes. The students follow exactly the same course as adults do only that the style of presentation is slightly adapted to capture the teenage mind. So far, the course has been immensely inspiring for students as well as teachers. The only complaint the students have is that one hour a day is not enough! In addition to the Bhakti-shastri course, we have also begun a twice weekly class in Vaisnava Etiquette to train students in the proper mood of a devotee, how a devotee behaves in different situations, how respect is shown to different people, etc. Through interactive discussion, role-play, and case scenarios based on personal experiences, students gain a deep and practical understanding of proper Vaisnava etiquette.


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