Tribal Care

“ISKCON Tribal Care Initiative” is an initiative of the International society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) to care for the tribal people in India. At this initial stage the initiative will focus on Northeast and East India states.

ISKCON Tribal Care will extend care in five different areas:

  • Spiritual care
  • Emotional care
  • Educational care
  • Healthcare
  • Social care

1. SPIRITUAL CARE will facilitate and encourage people to:

  1. Worship God in their houses
  2. Read scriptures like the Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam
  3. Chant the holy name of the God ( especially the Hare Krishna Maha mantra)
  4. Open temples in every village
  5. Attend spiritual discourses

2. EMOTIONAL CARE will provide counsel for people in need.


3. EDUCATIONAL CARE will provide:

  1. Academic education
  2. Moral education
  3. Character building
  4. Vocational education

4. HEALTHCARE will care for the health of tribal people.

  1. By setting up regular health camps
  2. By bringing sick people to city for better treatment
  3. By establishing first aid health centers

5. SOCIAL CARE will focus on:

  1. Self help
  2. Awareness about cleanness
  3. Better process for cow protection and agriculture

“Kirata, Huna, Andhra, Pulinda, Pulkasa, Abhira, Sumbha, Yavana, members of the Khasa races and even others addicted to sinful acts can be purified by taking shelter of the devotees of the Lord, due to His being the Supreme Power. (S.B. – 2.4.18)”


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