Radharani Overwhelms Krishna

There is a place in Vraja called Sri Vibhala-kund. This kunda is surrounded by many tree, and all around is the sweet sound vibration of peacocks and parrots. Once Krishna visited this kunda with His dear friend Subala. He was very happy to see the beauty of the forest, and they both sat down there. At this time one sarika bird, who was sitting on the branch of a nearby tree, began to glorify Srimati Radharani. Sri Krishna, who is Radhanatha, felt indescribable bliss on hearing the name and glories of Radha. He was floating in the ocean of her wonderful qualities, and His body manifested so many symptoms of ecstasy. He became so overwhelmed with His love for Srimati Radhika that wherever He looked He saw the face of Radharani. He would in that direction, crying, “o Radhe! O You who are dear to Me! Please come! Please come near Me! Why have You gone so far away, leaving Me aside?”

Seeing the condition of his friend condition of his friend Krishna, Subala became very worried and started to wonder how he could arrange a meeting between Krishna and Radharani, to alleviate Krishna’s suffering. But there seemed little hope of this. Turning to the sarika, Subala said, “O sarika! You have now created great trouble by chanting the holy name of Radharani at th is improper time. Now you must arrange some way by which Sri Krishna can meet with Radharani.”

The sarika said, Most certainly! But first of all you should pacify Krishna. Sri Radha will come by this way very soon with Her sakhis.”

Sure enough, Subala heard the distant tinkling of ankle bells, and very soon Radharani appeared at the kunda along with her sakhis. When Subala saw Radharani, he said to Krishna, “O prana-sakha! Be pacified. Your Radha has come here! Please look upon Her.”

As soon as Krishna heard the name of Radha, immediately He got up and said, “Where is my Rai? Where is my Rai?”

At that moment RAdharani and Krishna met and became immersed in the bliss of their meeting.

Because Krishna became overwhelmed by hearing the name of Radharani the kunda is named Vibhala-kunda. “Vibhala” means overwhelmed.