Why Radharani Created Sri Navadvipa-Dhama

                  The holy dhäma descends with Sri Krishna and His associates and paraphernalia.
Sri Mäyäpur-dhäma, however, was Srimati Rädhäräni’s own creation, to
lure Krishna away from another lover.
In the Ananta-smàhitä, Siva explains to Pärvati why Srimati Rädhäräni
created merciful Sri Mäyäpur-dhäma.*
                 Lord Siva told Pärvati, “As a bee plays in a lotus, Krishna was enjoying with Virajä in
the pleasant forest groves of Vrndävana. Moon-faced, doe-eyed Rädhikä heard this news
from one sakhi and hastily ran to find Krishna. Seeing that Rädhä was coming, Krishna
suddenly disappeared and Viräja became a river. When Srimati Rädhäräni arrived there
She could not find them. Absorbed in thoughts of Krishna, Rädhä began to think of how
to attract Him away from Virajä.
                 “She gathered her sakhis together between the Gangä and Yamunä Rivers. She created
a beautiful place, decorated with creepers and trees and filled with male and female
bumblebees. Deer and bucks were happily enjoying as they wandered about, and the
whole area was filled with the fragrance of jasmine, mallika, and malati flowers. That
transcendental abode was adorned with tulasi forests and decorated with various groves.
On Rädhä’s order, the Gangä and Yamunä, with their pleasant water and banks, acted
as a moat to protect the garden. Cupid himself, along with springtime, eternally resides
there, and the birds constantly sing the auspicious name of Krishna.
                 “Rädhä, dressed in colorful cloth, then began to play a beautiful melody on a flute in
order to attract Krishna. Attracted by that melody, Krishna appeared in that enchanting
place. Radha, the attractor of Krishna’s mind, seeing that Krishna had come, held His hand
and experienced ecstatic delight. Then Krishna, understanding Rädhä’s mood, spoke in a
voice choked with love.
                   “‘O lovely-faced Rädhä, You are My very life. There is no one more dear to Me than
You. Therefore I will never leave You. Just for Me You have created this wonderful place.
Staying with You, I will transform this place, filling it with new sakhis and groves. The
devotees will glorify this place as New (nava) Vrndävana. As this place is like an island
(dvipa), the wise will call it Navadvipa. By My order, all the holy places will reside here.
Because You have created this place for My pleasure, I will live here eternally. Those
people who come here and worship us will certainly attain our eternal service in the
mood of the sakhis. O dear Rädhä, like Vrndävana, this place is extremely pure. If anyone
comes here just once, he will obtain the results of going to all sacred places. He will
quickly attain devotional service, which satisfies us.’
                 “O Pärvati,” Lord Siva continued, “I have described to you the reason for the appearance
of Navadvipa. When heard by mankind, this narration removes all sins and bestows
devotional service. Whoever rises early in the morning and with devotion to Gaura recites
or hears this story of Navadvipa’s creation will certainly attain Gauränga.”
* Srimati Rädhärani’s anger towards Krishna for meeting with Virajä resulted in Sridäma’s cursing Radharani to appear on earth. This pastime is described bellow.
Srimati Radharani Cursed by Sridama
                         Once, Srimati Radharani was serving Sri Hari in a solitary place in Mahävana.
Rädharani was experiencing so much ecstasy serving Krishna that She
lost Her external consciousness. While She was in this condition, Krishna
left Her and went to meet with another gopi named Virajä. Virajä was also
very dear to Krishna. She is always at the age of sixteen years, very youthful, and decorated
with many varieties of jewels. She was very happy to have the Lord with her and
thus she engaged ecstatically in service to Him.
                        In the meantime, Sri Rädhä returned to Her external senses. Not seeing Krishna anywhere,
She came to know from Her sakhis that He had gone to Virajä to receive service
from her. This made Rädhäräni very angry. She started to cry in separation from the
Lord, and Her eyes became red. Sri Rädhä asked her friends to show where Krishna had
gone. She wanted to go there and see how Virajä was serving Krishna. She became angry
and told Her friends, “Sri Hari is like a pot of poison. He is very crooked inside, but His
face is very sweet like nectar. Do not allow that smiling face of Sri Hari near My house.
I will go to Virajä’s kuïja. I want to see how she is serving Krishna.”
                          Rädharani had 630 million gopis as Her personal assistants, and they all wanted to go
with Her to Virajä’s kunja. They all climbed upon a chariot that was one hundred yojanas
in height and ten yojanas in diameter. It was made from the most perfect precious
gems and shone like millions of suns. It was decorated with thirty million kalasas, and
on top of the chariot were many beautiful flags with the marks of horses. The chariot
had one hundred thousand wheels and flew at the speed of the mind. It was gorgeously
decorated with four hundred thousand bells which hung from all sides, and it had ten
million golden pillars. Its wheels were painted with all kinds of designs. Inside were one
hundred thousand rooms, each decorated nicely with varieties of gems; there were ten
million beds prepared with parijata flowers and decorated with many bells and flags.
All the rooms were equipped with different types of paraphernalia of the best quality,
luxury furnishings, dresses, ornaments, and so on.
                          Inside the chariot there were hundreds of gardens and lakes that increased the beauty
of the chariot. There were many platforms made of gold, and millions of stairs made of
varieties of high-grade gems syamantaka, kaustubha and rucaka. Flower garlands hung
from all sides and filled the air with attractive fragrances. The whole chariot was covered
by a thin silk cloth and decorated by ten million mirrors. There were ten million
cämaras hanging from the chariot, each with a handle made of vajramaëi and anointed
with nice smelling candana, aguru, kastüré, and kuìkuma.
                           The chariot was so beautiful and perfect, like nothing anyone had seen before.
Riding on the chariot, Sri Rädhikä, the dearest of Sri Hari, went to the place where
He was served by Virajä. Reaching there, Rädhärani got down from the chariot and
looked upon the ratna-vedé. There she saw a most beautiful gopa whose face resembled a
blooming lotus. He was surrounded by one hundred gopas and was standing guard at the
gate. He was very dear to Sri Krishna and his name was Sridämä. Rädhärani told Sridämä
in a very angry mood, “O servant of a debauchee! Get out of My way. I would like to see
your Lord with another consort.”
                           Sridämä was very strong and held a stick in his hand. All the gopis became angry
when Sridämä blocked Rädhärani’s entry, and they forcibly removed him from his post
at the gate.
                            Inside, Krishna heard all the noise taking place at the entrance. He realized that Rädhäräni
had come in an angry mood, and so He disappeared immediately. When Virajä
saw that Krishna had left, then, by the power of yoga, she gave up her body, which immediately
took the form of a river. That river circled the whole of Goloka; it became known
as the Virajä River, and was ten million yojanas in width and one hundred million in
length. It was a most beautiful and attractive river.
                        When Rädhärani entered the house She did not find Hari there. She found that Virajä
had taken the form of a river, and so She left to return to Her home.
When Rädhärani left, Hari again appeared there. He found that Virajä had left her
body and that her body had turned into a river. The river was very beautiful, filled with
clean and transparent water. Sitting on the bank of River Virajä, Krishna started to lament.
He was crying loudly in separation from Virajä. The Lord said, “O My most dear
Virajä! Please come back to Me. Without you how can I live? O most chaste lady! Please
again accept your body and give Me your darsana. I bless you to be the predominating
deity of all rivers. You will become most beautiful, more fortunate than before, and best
among all ladies. O chaste lady! Your old body has been transformed into a river. Now
you come out of that water and stand before Me in the form of your new body.”
                        After hearing this from the Lord, Virajä appeared before Him. She looked almost as
beautiful as Rädhäräni. She wore a yellow sari and was smiling. By the mercy of the
Lord, Virajä had now become the best among all beautiful ladies and respected by everyone.
Her bodily luster was like the campaka flower, her lips were reddish like ripened
bimba fruit, and her teeth were beautiful like ripened pomegranates. Her face bloomed
like a full moon during autumn, her eyes were like full blue lotus flowers, and her body
was anointed with kastüré. The vermilion on her forehead made her supremely beautiful,
and her cheeks reflected her dazzling earrings made of precious gems. She wore
varieties of jewelled necklaces, her nose was adorned with rare pearls from the forehead
of an elephant, and her neck and chest were beautified by a pearl necklace. Her arms
were decorated with bangles made from conch and precious jewels, and the ankle bells
on her feet were tinkling softly.
                      When Sri Hari saw His beloved Virajä in this most beautiful form, immediately He
approached and embraced her. Virajä Devi, by coming in contact with the Lord, who is
master of the whole creation, was blessed with a child in her womb. After one hundred
celestial years she begot seven sons.
                       Once, Virajä was engaged in serving the Lord in Vrndävana in a solitary place. At this
time her youngest son approached her. He was being tortured by his other elder brothers,
and had come to his mother to get her help. When the Lord saw the youngest son of
Virajä in that very frightened situation, He left Virajä so she could care for her son, and
He went to the house of Srimati Rädhäräni.
                            When Virajä returned and saw Hari had left her, she became angry with her son.
Because of him she was now deprived of the Lord’s association. She started to lament,
and in her anger she cursed her son, saying, “Your water will become salty. No one will
be able to drink your water.” Then she also cursed all her other sons for disturbing her
youngest son. She told them, “O foolish sons! You all go to Bhüloka, the earthly planet.
I curse you to live separately on the nine different islands, and thus enjoy your lives
                          When the sons heard of their mother’s curse from their younger brother, they all
approached their mother. After receiving confirmation of the curse, they paid their
humble obeisances to their mother and left for Jambüdvipa. All these brothers now exist
as different oceans on the earth. The salt water ocean is the youngest son, and each
brother is double the size of their younger brother. The name of the seven oceans are:
Lavana ocean (salt water); Iksu ocean (sugarcane juice); Surä-samudra (ocean of wine);
Ghåta (ocean of ghee); Dadhi-samudra (ocean of yogurt); Dugdha-samudra (ocean of
milk); and Svädüdaka ocean (the sweet-water ocean). These seven oceans surrounded
seven islands, and all of them lamented due to their separation from each other and
from their most beloved mother.
                       Mother Virajä fainted in separation from her sons and Sri Hari. She started to cry piteously.
When Krishna knew her miserable condition, He went to her with a smiling face.
By seeing the Lord in front of her, Virajä became blissful and free from lamentation.
Krishna became merciful towards Virajä and blessed her by saying, “My dear Virajä! I will
come to your house every day. You are as dear as Rädhä to Me. By My blessings you can
look after and protect your children even while staying in this Goloka-dhäma.”
While the Lord was speaking to Virajä like this, some of Rädhäräni’s sakhis were
nearby. They went to Rädhäräni and explained everything to her. Rädhäräni became
angry and started to cry. She went to krodha-mandira and fell asleep on the ground. In
the meantime, after pacifying Virajä, Krishna returned to Rädhäräni’s house, accompanied
by Sridämä.
                         When Srimati Rädhäräni saw Krishna, out of anger She started to speak very unpalatable
words to Him. She said, “In this Goloka You have ladies who are more dear to You
than Me. You please go to them. What is the use of coming to me? Your beloved consort
Virajä has left her body and accepted the body of a river due to fear of Me. You go to
her. You go to the bank of Virajä and build a temple for Yourself and stay there on the
bank of Virajä River. When she has become a Nadi (female river), You can then become
one Nada (male river). It will be easier for you to associate with her. This is a more suitable
way for association. When all great personalities come to know that the Lord of the
universe has accepted the form of a river to get association of another river then they
will all laugh!”
                          Srimaté Rädhäräni was surrounded by Her sakhis: some were holding cämaras, some
held betel nuts, and others held beautiful flower arrangements. Some were holding
scented water, some held lotuses, and some had vermillion powder in their hands. Some
were holding varieties of jewelery made from gems, some were holding kajjal, some held
scented oils, and some were holding musical instruments like the flute and vina. Some
were holding combs for the hair. Some were dancing, while some were showing the
tricks of sangita. Some sakhis were holding honey pots in their hands, some were holding
nice cloth, and some were engaged in serving the lotus feet of Rädhäräni. Some were
standing with folded hands and some were offering homage and prayers. Thus so many
sakhis surrounded Rädhäräni, and outside the house millions of gopis were present,
some holding sticks at the door. They stopped Krishna from entering the house, and then,
from inside, Srimati Rädhäräni started to rebuke and speak harsh words to the Lord.
                       She said, “O Virajä-kanta! Go away from here! You are cancala, fickle. You are a thief
and a debauchee. Why are You giving Me so much pain? Go to Padmävati or Ratnamälä
or Manoharä or Vanamälä, or any other lady who is incomparable in her beauty. O
husband of a river! Now I know Your svarüpa. Let there be all auspiciousness unto You.
Now leave My house. O Lampata! You have behaved like a human being, so You should
go to earth and accept a human form there.” After speaking in this angry way to Krishna,
Rädhäräni addressed Her sakhis: “O Susile! Sasikale! Padmävati! Mädhavé! You must
stop this most cunning one from entering. What business has He here?”
                              Understanding Srimati Rädhäräni’s anger, some gopis advised Krishna, “O Hari! You
please go out of this place for some time while we pacify Rädhäräni.”
Some other gopis said, “Dear Hari, You please go and wait for some time in another
house. Except for You, who else can protect Her?”
Some gopis, out of their love for Rädhä, said, “As long as Rädhäräni has not been pacified,
better You go and stay in Vrndävana forest.”
Some gopis teased Lord Hari saying, “You go and pacify Her with Your devotion.”
Some gopis said, “O Krishna! Better that You look for some other consort and go to her.
You are a woman hunter.”
Some gopis said, “Who is that person who can face Rädhäräni now?”
Some said, “O Hari! Please now go to some other place. When Rädhäräni’s anger is
subdued then You come back again.”
Some gopis said, “You had better go out of this place now, otherwise we will remove
You from here!”
                           While all the gopis were speaking thus, the Lord of Lords was keeping quiet and smiling
gently. His face was very blissful and peaceful, and He was completely free from anger.
When the Lord, who is the cause of all causes, was denied by the gopis and advised
by them to wait for some time, very peacefully He went to the next room and waited
                            Sridämä was with Krishna and observing all that was taking place. Due to his love
for Krishna, he became angry at the way Sri Rädhä behaved towards his friend Krishna.
Sridämä’s eyes became red with anger, and he said to Srimati Rädhäräni, “O Sri Rädhikä!
Why are you abusing my friend and talking all these bitter words? Devi! You are rebuking
Him unnecessarily without any proper consideration. One who is the worshipable
Lord of Brahmä, Ananta, Mahesvara and Dharma, who is the cause of this cosmic manifestation,
who is the controller of Sarasvati, Laksmi, Mäyä and Prakrti, who is nirguna
(devoid of material qualities), ätmäräma and pürnakäma: You are troubling that Krishna
and giving Him so much difficulty? You should be careful with Your behavior towards
Krishna. O, auspicious lady! It is surprising to me that You do not recognize Him, by the
service of whose lotus feet You have become Sarvesvari, great among all isvaris.
                          “What can I say to You in this regard? This Krishna, by the movement of His eyebrows,
can create millions of devis like You. Do you not recognize that nirguëa-paramätmä Sri
Krishna ? Laksmi Devi herself is wiping the lotus feet of the Lord with her hair and serving
Him with so much love and devotion in Vaikuntha. Sarasvaté Devi is constantly
offering stava by using most suitable words, which are very pleasing to the ears. You did
not recognize that Lord? You did not know Him, to whom Mäyä (Prakrti Devi) is always
offering her prayers out of devotion and fear?
                              “O dear lady! All the Vedas are glorifying Him but still You did not know Him? O
Isvari! The father of all Vedas, Lord Brahmä, with his four mouths constantly glorifies
Him and serves His lotus feet. You could not understand Him? Sankara, the guru
of all yogis, is offering stavas and serving His lotus feet with tears in his eyes and in a
most ecstatic mood. Anantadeva himself is constantly glorifying that paramätmä Sri
Krishna with His thousands of mouths and serving His lotus feet. Lord Dharmaräja, who
is the witness to everyone, master and protector of the universe, is always serving the
lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna with so much love and devotion. Vishnu, who is residing in
Svetadvipa, the maintainer of the universe and partial manifestation of Lord Sri Krishna,
is always meditating upon the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna.
                         “Mother! You should give up Your anger immediately and constantly worship the lotus
feet of Lord Sri Krishna. By the blink of His eye the whole cosmic manifestation comes
into existence and is annihilated. Brahmä exists for only one moment of Hari. Rädhe!
You and all Your ladies, indeed the whole cosmic manifestation, are all controlled by my
Lord Sri Krishna.”
                          After hearing these most powerful words from Sridämä, Rädhäräni became very angry.
Her lips were trembling, Her hair became loose, and Her eyes became red like lotuses.
She immediately rose and came out of the house, and approaching Sridämä, She
told him, “O foolish one! Super foolish! Servant of a debauchee! Listen to Me. You think
you know everything and all truth. I do not know your Lord? O most fallen one in Vraja!
Is Krishna only your Lord? Is He not My Lord? I know you always praise the divine father
and blaspheme the mother, foolish one! As the demons always blame the demigods for
their troubles, in the same way you are also always blaming Me. That’s why I curse you:
from now you become a demon. You leave Goloka and take birth in the demon species.
This is My curse upon you. Let us see who can protect you from My curse!”
                         Sridämä became very angry and his lips started to tremble in anger. He then cursed
Sri Rädhä in return, saying, “And I curse You to go and take birth in the human species.
Because You have become angry like a human being, You should take birth as a human
being. There You will be defective in Your partial expansion. On earth, foolish people
will know You as the wife of Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu, who is part of Hari, will take
birth in Vrndävana. You will come in contact with Sri Krishna there in Vrndävana and
enjoy with Him in the different forests of Vraja. Then You will be separated from Sri
Hari for one hundred years. After that time You will be united with the Lord again and
return to Sri Goloka-dhäma.”
                          After saying this to Sri Rädhä, Sridäma offered his humble obeisances to Her and left to
meet with Lord Krishna. He explained everything about his cursing of Srimati Rädhäräni,
and Her cursing of him, and then started to cry. The Lord told Sridämä, “Now you go to the
earth planet. You will appear there as Sankhacuda, the king of demons. No one will be able
to conquer you. When five hundred yugas have passed, then by My mercy you will give up
your demon body when struck with the trisüla of Mahädeva, at which time you will return
to Me in Goloka-dhäma.”
                       Sridämä requested the Lord, “Please never deprive me of devotion unto Your lotus feet!”
With Krishna’s assurances ringing in his ears, Sridämä offered his obeisances and left.
At that time Sri Rädhä, in tears, was coming to meet with Krishna. She informed Him
of everything. Seeing Sri Rädhä in a distressed condition due to separation, the Lord
began to pacify Her.
                      Thus Sridäma spent the specified time period in the form of Sankhacuda before returning
to Krishna, and Sri Rädhä, the daughter of King Vrsabhanu, appeared on earth
along with Lord Sri Krishna to eventually become the wife of Abhimanyu.